After two teens, aged 16 and 12  lost their left arms to shark bites in separate incidents about two miles apart in Oak Island, North Carolina, this news will be welcome.

Lifeguards on Surfside Beach in California are sending out drones to detect sharks. If the sharks show aggressive behavior, the beaches will be closed.

The idea of tracking sharks from the air is nothing new. Air patrols have been done in other places using Cessnas and other planes, but the drones make this very effective and fast.

Using drones it takes only a few minutes to see if the sharks will be a problem, a task that used to take up to two hours for lifeguards on jet skis.

The full story and additional video can be found on the BBC’s website.

And for those interested in the type of drones being used:

The CBS video suggets that these are DJI Phantom 3 Professional drones, as can be gleamed from the golden stripes on the arms of the quadcopter.


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