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Snake River Shooting Products from Idaho are now producing “Anti-Drone ammunition”.

While it seems to be just normal small game and bird shot, their marketing is very heavy handed on the fear factor.

In addition to the marketing on “Prepare for the drone apocalypse”, here is a summary from a review article by Scott W. Wagner cited on their own website:

People are buying and using video-equipped hovering drones for purposes other than legitimate recreation.

In addition to these downright dangerous uses of private drones, some operators are invading the privacy of neighbors via these high-tech aerial Peeping tomsystems-sending them over neighbor’s property to spy on their activities.

Peeping tomsystems

In order to make the most out of the characteristics of the shotgun and give the defender the best possible opportunity to down one of these things, the folks at Snake River Shooting Products have introduced their 12-gaugeDrone Munitionanti-drone load.

It seems odd that the manufacturer seems to be well aware of the legal conundrum that anyone shooting down a drone will face.


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