Permit to Fly is granted by NAA, based on specific national rules, possibly on a case-to-case basis& for a limited duration.

  • FPV is only allowed using a second person (spotter)
  • Max. altitude is 150m
  • In general its only allowed to fly within line of side (you should understand the orientation of your aircraft without additional devices)
  • You need in general permission of the owner of the property where you want to start and land
  • Up to 500g every UAV is defined as “toy” and is allowed to be flown anywhere

UAVs over 500g

  • Forbidden to fly within a radius of 5000m around airports(every airport even the very small ones, considering Switzerland has a plenty of small local airports)
  • In controlled airspace “CTR” you have to ask for permission of the local airport
  • and you have to contact Skyguide to ask for special permission.

Multicopters up to 30kg can be used commercially without any big limitations. As of August 1st 2014 you’ll need a permit to fly above areas with a lot of people (concerts, public viewings etc.) The usual media laws apply (e.g. the right to the personal image, name and personal rights) or other legal provisions. Kantone (cantons/states) and even communities can set local laws that further limit what is allowed.


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