The benefits of drone technology are growing rapidly for the agriculture industry.

UAVs provide farmers with a new, top-down view of their fields spanning several hundred acres. Making it possible to recognize potential problems in the middle of a property, a challenging task before.

A variety of drones are being built to offer farmers more than just simple aerial images of their land. Sometimes even using near-infrared technology, which can show farmers when a field is lacking in water or nutrients from the color of a field an image presents.

This enables farmers to deploy their resources more efficiently and solve problems more quickly.

Drone technologies can also help farmers measure their fields and predict each crop’s yield at harvest time. 

These agricultural applications have likely just scratched the surface of what drones can offer the agriculture sector, with new capabilities very likely to appear as the technology develops.

Agribotix, Airware, DJI, DroneDeploy, 3D Robotics, Precision Hawk, and HUVR are but a few drones companies that promise to service the agriculture market and have raised venture capital funding in recent months.

However, federal regulations are hindering this development.

A new report on AGFundernews goes in depth on the developments in the regulations surrounding the use of drones for agriculture among other business uses.


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