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Someone had to do it, and this awesome costumed drone will hopefully only be the first of many.

Looking forward to what else drone pilots come up with for Halloween.

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Two Swiss guys decided to do something special for 1st of August (Swiss holiday) and attach firework to their drones.

They then proceeded to try and hit the drones in the air.

Video of the dogfight via

Doing this over a populated town was – and putting the video on youtube (removed by now) was not a great idea. The police has started investigations into the case and is possibly going to pursue this in court.


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A New Zealand ram nicknamed “Rambro” has been set loose on its owner’s property.

With a history of attacking dogs, breaking down fences, and generally being a nuisance, the new owner just decided to let him lose and swears that ‘He’s better than any guard dog.’

The drone, a Phantom1 with a mounted GoPro FVP, can be seen hovering close to the ground near the enraged animal.

The ram begins running towards it but misses and collides with the camera, which quickly ascends a few inches. The second attempt on the drone succeeds, and the ram can then be seen standing above the drone, growling at it.

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As the flood waters in Fort Wayne are just now beginning to slowly recede, footage from a drone is surfacing on the web.

A video uploaded to yesterday shows the extent of the damage that floods in the area have caused.

The video uploaded by the vimeo user “keenap”, the Swinney and Foster Parks can be seen from above.

The water is so high that fences, playgrounds and even tennis courts are overrun with water.

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Like magic, flying lights travel in a circle around a single illuminated person.

The scene is instead both quintessentially modern and profoundly human: The individual is playing with a swarm of light-up robots.

Here’s the most recent teaser from choreographer Nina Kov’s your project:

Our current show draws from the ancient mythological past of Hungarian shamanic traditions, revisiting the eternal story of human and animal connection, through the light of modern technology. The main character is the precursor of a new era, one in which humanity tames technology and works with these new companions in harmony.But the road to progress is paved with fear. Will humanity be able to conquer its fear and find a way to work in harmony with technology?

Earlier videos from the project revealed the humans working to get the dancer and drones work harmoniously together for the show.

Like a flock of slow moving birds the drones react and follow to the human dancer in their own midst. The hand of on Kov is a device that communicates with all the robots and the robots. The robots communication with each other about how best to do so while following rules that preserve both configuration and safe space, then follow it, read commands from the handheld device.

More human dancers could be featured in future performances. No word yet on whether multiple swarms of drones could work collectively in a performance, but I’m holding out hope.

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This ad by Pepsi uses a drone for the surprise delivery of a soccer ball.

The whole pitch is transformed into an incredible, interactive football arena.

The result doesn’t have a lot to do with said drone, still fun to watch.

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The Drone Aviary reveals fleeting glimpses of the city from the perspective of drones.

It plays with the idea of a world where the ‘network’ begins to gain physical autonomy. In this world, drones become protagonists, moving through the city, making decisions about the world and influencing our lives in often opaque yet profound ways.

The Drone Aviary Project has been awarded the Grants for the Arts from the Arts Council England.  This film is part of the project by Superflux, which investigates the social, political and cultural potential of drone technology as it enters civil space.

o find out more about the project visit:

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Only very few games have gotten such a dedicated fan following as No man’s sky has. Before it has been released. In fact, not even a date is set.

This did not deter a hardcore fan from going out, grabbing the few frames of footage he could get and building a replica of one of the starships.

A bit reminiscent of the Star Destroyer drone – feast your eyes.

Well, his video and his whole build process got featured on the official No man’s sky blog – there not a lot more a fan could want, really.