As the last year has shown (and not only the run on drones last Christmas), drones are here to stay.

From the iPhone controled living room hopper to the military beasts controled from half a world away, they have started to change the face of the world.

This site’s aim is to keep you abreast with all the information, footage, and material you need to make sense of drones, keep amazed by videos and pictures, and maybe even own or build your own drone.

The videos that started it all

The following videos show what got our interest in drones to an all time high. Footage that shows the power of a  new type of journalism, powered by new technology.

This video of the Bangkok riots in March 2014 is almost serene in it’s tranquility, as the drone hovers above the action on the ground. Calm, but powerful and moving imagery.

This footage of riots in Turkey is extremely powerful, as it has shown the police brutality for what it was. The drone was shot down by the police later.

No human can enter the zone around Chernobyl, yet drones can deliver us footage from inside the danger zone.

Follow the future as it develops

Everything surrounding drones, from the technology, laws and regulations, and the uses of drones are moving forward and changing at the same time drones are changing the world.

Follow allong with us!